Unique photo exhibition


For the first time ever work of the 11 Dutch Military photographers is on display. These photographers travel with navy, army, special forces, air force and military police and register their work in an unique and often beautiful way.

Two new exhibitions december 2021 (video is in Dutch)

Two new exhibitions

In december 2021 the museum opened two new exhibitions. The army defends what is precious to us gives you an insight in the Dutch Military Organisation. Soldiers from all parts of the army tell about what working for the safety of all of us means to them.

A very special new room is the Golden Room. In here the most beautiful objects from our collection tell their story. From paintings to distinctions, from silverware to sabers, it’s all here for your pleasure. The Golden Room can also be rented for gatherings.

The army defends what is precious to us

Get to know the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and the organization it is part of. The Dutch armed forces ensure the safety of every Dutch citizen and protect us against violence within and beyond our borders, in the event of threats and disasters. The armed forces protect everything we hold dear.

In the exhibition The armed forces protect what we hold dear, you will become acquainted with the armed forces in the broadest sense of the word. From organizational structure to costs and from missions to national deployment. A wall-filling film takes you through the daily work of those who are committed to peace and security. We tell about the organization, but there are also personal stories. Who are the men and women who commit themselves every day? And what moves them?


A unique room has been set up on the ground floor of the museum: the Golden Room. This space gives us the opportunity to show a larger part of the collection than normally possible. This is where all the beautiful things from the collection come together. From paintings to awards, from commemorative plates to silverware and from uniforms to beautifully decorated krisses. Above the oval, custom-made display table hangs the showpiece: a specially designed chandelier full of special objects.

The hall is open to the public but can also be rented for meetings, receptions or even dinners. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Opening of the new exhibitions in 2020

Side by side

It is only forty years ago that the first female marechaussees started their training. They faced several challenges, starting with the clothes they got to wear, but also in duties and functions. In an open interview Christianne Vermuë, chef kabinet of the Royal Military Police, tells about how she experiences working in a man’s world.

Military Police of Orange

At the beginning of the Second World War the Royal Military Police (Marechaussee) had about 1200 members. A fourth of them escaped to England in May 1940. Some of them join the  Royal Air Force and the commando’s, some are even trained to be a secret agent. Others stay in London and guard the Dutch royal family in excile. The marechaussees that stayed in the Netherlands are facing a dilemma: keep on working for the Germans or quit?

In the exhibition Military Police of Orange we highlight these personal choices, by telling the story of a few of these marechaussees. Come and judge for yourselve: would you have made the same choice?

Memento Mori

A new addition to our ground floor is a remembrance room. A place to contemplate on the ultimate sacrifice our militaries are prepared to make for our safety. Special attention for the story of Jeroen Severs, a marechaussee who died while serving in Irak.

I pledge allegiance (to the King)

I pledge allegiance explains why people choose a career in the military. Six contemporary marechaussees tell us about their motivation.

Dossier Oss

In the exhibtion Dossier Oss you discover all there is to know about the “Gang of Oss”. A group of petty criminals who tortured the community of Oss between 1890 en 1940. What did the Marechaussee have to do with that?